Epson CX11NF Scanner Windows 7 64 Bit

Here is an example of how stupid stuff can happen. I have a couple of Epson CX11NF multifunction laser printer scanners at different locations. A HP pro book 4525S with Windows 7 64-bit home edition has regularly being used both locations to network scan from the CX 11NF scanner.

Just this week a scanning task arose and the job is placed on the Epson CX11NF flatbed and Epson scan was selected from the HP ProBook  Windows 7 program start menu.

Bye To Firefox Browser

Well I have used Firefox as a preferred browser for years and had recommended that everyone else use Firefox as well, until this year..

Using Debian Linux variants such as Ubuntu and Mint it has become increasingly annoying when Firefox locks the entire system requiring a shut down using the pc power button to get started again.

A4TECH Keyboard Home Key

Have a few A4 TECH wireless keyboard mouse combos in network circulation now and a really annoying additional shortcut key on A4 TECH wireless keyboard GL-100 models is the close proximity of the "HOME" shortcut key right beside (around 8mm) the right Ctrl key.

You may well find you are always opening many multiples of the users home folder directory when using linux operating systems such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Bigpond Cable Ultimate

Hmm just returned to my Bigpond Cable Ultimate connection after being away for over a week and noticed there has been a firmware upgrade. I noticed a few days ago that a VPN connection to the location went off and back on line at one stage.

The software version from setup a few months ago was and speed tests were great but browsing often felt as if there were lags especially compared to using dual WAN ADSL at another location.

Three Year Old Ford Territory Turbo Bonnet Corrosion

Images of the corrosion from under the painted surface of a 3 year old Ford Territory Turbo, a motor vehicle that will also drive you nuts with squeaks and endless rattles. Still have the old rusted bonnet if anyone needs any further proof!

Closing the replacement bonnet and when it was pushed shut with a flat open hand it dented! Great.

Heaps of suspension problems with this car, sway bar link pins at least 4, now up to 5 ball joints, shocks, rubbers a plenty both front and rear...

Goes really well though.


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