Nvidia Drivers Ubuntu 9.04 Geforce 8600M GS Notebook

I use a Pioneer notebook fitted with a Nvidia Geforce 8600M GS graphics card. This Geforce card has a DVI output and in the office, and at home, I use twin screen settings in the Nvidia X Server Settings to output to both the notebook screen as the primary screen and to a 19" widescreen monitor as the secondary screen. This set up is handy for referring to one window while working on another for instance with both windows maximised.

Greens Tell Lies

Most people don't usually voice opinion on politics but there is one political party that really promotes themselves as different and it appears they are no different to any of the others at all. It is a real possibility that their misinformed or hidden agenda (who can know for sure) could be to the detriment of this country rather than a benefit.

The unfortunate issue is that many poor misguided voters believe the media propaganda and support them.


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