Ubercart Drupal Paypal and cURL

I have just been setting up a Ubercart store for a new project on Drupal and was unable to enable the PayPal gateway due to a missing cURL library.

There seems to be quiet a few posts about fixing this with servers running on Windows and not a lot about this for open source OS.

The server in question was Centos running on a VPS.

A guide to resolving this error for both windows and linux is avaialable at the Zend Developer Zone

I recompiled php to finish off enabling cURL with PHP 5.3.1

Upgrade Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10

Last week I upgraded a desktop PC from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10.

The process was reasonably smooth and required user input only a few times through the upgrade.

There was an issue with networking that required attention after the upgrade. This desktop had been using WICD for network settings and the upgrade removed WICD and re installed Gnome network manager which added dhcp settings to the static ip settings in /etc/network/interfaces. As soon as this additional entry was commented out everything worked.

Nvidia Drivers Ubuntu 9.04 Geforce 8600M GS Notebook

I use a Pioneer notebook fitted with a Nvidia Geforce 8600M GS graphics card. This Geforce card has a DVI output and in the office, and at home, I use twin screen settings in the Nvidia X Server Settings to output to both the notebook screen as the primary screen and to a 19" widescreen monitor as the secondary screen. This set up is handy for referring to one window while working on another for instance with both windows maximised.


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