Fedora 10 Setup and configuration

Setting up Fedora 10

First stop for everyone http://www.mjmwired.net/ or Fedora 10 specific http://www.mjmwired.net/resources/mjm-fedora-f10.html


This most recently is a full Fedora reinstall replacing a Fedora 6 home file server and building an additional desktop server for a new location. both machines are Pentium P4ś 1.8 socket 478 with a gig of ram and 1500gb ide hdd each

I am using a static IP - NetworkManager is not good at this so disable and uninstall

Telstra Never Again

Goodbye Telstra

Telstra have lied and ripped me off once again and this time I have resolved to move every possible service away from Telstra and never return, even if it costs.

The great news is eXeTel HSPA SIM's and VOIP.

I have moved from a GSM mobile phone service x2 and a NextG USB wireless card to the new eXeTel HSPA broadband SIM cards with voice.

In many locations the data speed is better than the Telstra NextG service and I am saving between $30 and $70 per month with each mobile phone service.

I also have an ADLS1 384/8000 plan with eXetel and another with aanet.

New Personal Site

So here we are with a personal collection of information, opinions and occasional fact for personal use.

The site theme is to collect, collate and store relevant information for future personal use and reference.

Topics range from web site design and hosting through to finance and home loan information, water skiing, competitive sporting shooting and consumer experiences in general.


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