Emirates A380 Business Auckland Sydney

Recently experienced the A380 again for the second time with Emirates flying business class from Auckland to Sydney.

WOW surprise

To begin with the Emirates lounge in Auckland leaves the Qantas Lounge in Auckland for dead. It beats a lot of other Qantas lounges too. We found it ironic that the lounge was superior to Qantas lounge in almost every aspect and guests were allowed in wearing thongs as foot wear, something some pretentious group at Qantas has banned. Food selection is great, lounge area seating is plentiful, although this was not a full flight.

Business seating on the Emirates A380 is great, much better than a Qantas B737 Business Class and there is the bar area down the back of the upper deck on the Emirates A380. The upper deck on this A380 was much quieter and felt very smooth compared to the previous lower deck rear ride on the Qantas A380

In future if Business Class Emirates is a choice I would take the option on this route.