Fiji Airways Check In Nadi International Airport

Have never really experienced this before, especially at an airlines home base airport as Nadi airport is for Fiji Airways. Had been traveling with others who were leaving Nadi Airport on an earlier flight to a different destination. Their flight departed at 14:45 and ours 3 hours and 45 minutes later at 18:30

This meant they needed to check in around 12:45 and would be boarded around 14:15

As we were flying on Fiji Airways "business class" and also both Qantas Gold status holder we rocked up to the Fiji Airways business check in counter after dropping off the rental car only to be told sorry you are on a later flight and cannot check in until 3 hours before your flight departs. went off looking for any lockers to store our bags for the next 3 hours, (there are none) and noticed the Fiji Airways sales office near the arrivals area simply to be told exactly the same thing as if I was some type of idiot for even thinking there may be an alternative. After browsing around on the internet saw that there was mention of the Tabua Club/ Qantas Gold/Platinum lane possibly offering an earlier bag check in option so wandered over and asked only to be once again told the same thing again as if I must be a moron for even thinking it may be possible.

Shorty after all the staff disappeared until 3 hours before our flights scheduled departure.

Pretty much decided then and there never to fly Fiji Airways again and the following flight FJ915 Nadi to Sydney sealed that decision in stone.