Fiji Airways Premier Lounge Nadi International Airport

Finally tried out the Fiji Airways Premier Lounge Nadi International Airport after being allowed to check in slightly before 3 hours prior to our scheduled departure.

Had a shower first up all good it had not been used for a while and was all clean and dry, towels and bodywash/conditioner/shampoo  and other stuff I did not take any notice of. At first I thought there was no hot water it seemed to run cold for a couple of minutes but then warmed up for the first shower that was not stone cold for the past week.

Wine was provided back in the lounge and food was good, soup, lamb, rice and an eggplant dish. The tomato/cucumber/capsicum salad mix bowl looked average and may have been better a few days earlier.

Had to ask for a refill to the wine a couple of times even though the lounge was in no way busy, think it would be way better to just have the drinks self serve as many other lounges do so you don't need to ask.