Qantas QF566 Perth to Sydney

This was our first time in the new Qantas A330 business class seating and we found it to be very good. The compartments are private and comfortable with plenty of room. This inflight service was excellent with a good selection of food and drinks. The seats recline fully flat and there are 2 positions acceptable for take off and landing, an upright position and a slightly reclined position. This is also the first time we have seen lap and sash (over the shoulder) seat belts on an aircraft, the over the shoulder sash belt can be easily unclipped after the seat belt sign goes out leaving the lap seat belt still buckled. I especially liked the lumbar massage feature in the seat it put me to sleep and I woke when it timed out. I started it again and it put me to sleep again for a while! These seats will be great on longer haul trips too.

Qantas Flight QF566 departed Perth around 4:30PM and arrived in Sydney early due to tail winds that day, it is usually scheduled to arrive in Sydney at 10:25PM