VPSBlocks Initial Review

I had been really impressed and happy with the recent move to 64U Premium in the US and the performance had really highlighted how bad, our at that time current, Australian based VPS could occasionally be. I am suspicious that the ongoing problems that have consumed hours of my time over the past few years may be a result of overselling on Virtuozzo

cPanel VPS Experience Review

Recently decided to obtain another VPS running cPanel and Centos that was located in the US, preferably on the west coast, to take some of the load off the Australian-based VPS we have been using for several years.

Did a lot of research on the Internet reading reviews of different VPS hosting providers and noticed an interesting trend where some sites were filled with glowing reviews of a certain provider while other sites were filled with really bad reviews of the same provider!

Telsat Broadband Vanuatu

On a recent trip to Vanuatu needed an internet connection and noticed a wireless network in Port Vila called Telsat Broadband.

Really needed internet connection so purchased Telsat Pre-Paid 6000 for 6,000vt with 2.00 GB download speed 256.00 Kbps and upload speed 96.00 Kbps with 1 Month validity.

Epson CX11NF Scanner Windows 7 64 Bit

Here is an example of how stupid stuff can happen. I have a couple of Epson CX11NF multifunction laser printer scanners at different locations. A HP pro book 4525S with Windows 7 64-bit home edition has regularly being used both locations to network scan from the CX 11NF scanner.

Just this week a scanning task arose and the job is placed on the Epson CX11NF flatbed and Epson scan was selected from the HP ProBook  Windows 7 program start menu.

Bye To Firefox Browser

Well I have used Firefox as a preferred browser for years and had recommended that everyone else use Firefox as well, until this year..

Using Debian Linux variants such as Ubuntu and Mint it has become increasingly annoying when Firefox locks the entire system requiring a shut down using the pc power button to get started again.


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