Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road Singapore

This Premium One-Bedroom Apartment at the Pan Pacific Serviced Suites in Beach Road Singapore was an excellent property and overall everything felt very new.

A well appointed kitchen with enough appliances to make even an extended stay more than comfortable even including a combined clothes washer and dryer.

The living area is large and there is a dining table and chairs and plenty of cupboards and drawers for storage.

The bedroom is large with a wardrobe and also plenty of storage and floor to ceiling glass with heavy block out curtains.

Crowne Plaza Melbourne Australia

This is not a bad hotel although architecturally it is a bit weird. Unfortunately through no direct fault of the Crowne Plaza Melbourne there is a really bad downside to this hotel.

The Wharf Hotel is right next door and the Wharf Hotel runs a night club that is open until at least midnight and Friday, Saturday and Sunday night there is the imposition of a extemely loud nightclub sound system that really penetrates the rooms in the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Australias NBN National Broadband Network

I have observed this NBN campaign from when it was first announced to the public and have always been interested in the fact that the federal minister behind it is the guy who wanted to filter (read censor as do North Korea, China, Syria etc) the internet. What happened to that ayway?

Another thing I found interesting was all the media advertising that was being paid for to promote the NBN when it was promoted as being connected to every house in the nation anyway.

BudgetVM Are NOT The Virtualization Experts

Needed a basic VPS about 6 months ago because of problems with Exigent being down too often and grabbed a 1024MB RAM Linux VPS with BudgetVM and paid for 12 months upfront.

Here is a review of our experience with BudgetVM review

Set up cPanel DNSONLY on this VPS and added it to a server cluster. With DNSONLY CPU and Memory useage along with disk space and bandwidth are very small so the specs on this XEN server were overkill for the use at hand.

Windows 8 Automatic Updates Reboots

The default Windows 8 updates settings have to be the absolute dumbest and the most inconsiderate setting for users.

At the default settings windows 8 will download without notifying logged in users and install then REBOOT or decide there is an error it cannot handle and REBOOT with out giving logged in users an option to postpone the reboot so they can save work. Reminds me of all those blue screens in Windows 98!

Jetstar Price Add-ons

It has reached the point where I think in future I will pay extra rather than fly Jetstar at anytime there are other options. Jetstar base fares are not too bad although by the time you complete the booking process and pay for all their additional add-ons it really does not seem at all worth it.

Take for example booking a flight with JetStar departing Sydney and arriving in Hobart on a Wednesday for a base fare of $79 per passenger and a return fare on a Sunday of $149 per passenger totalling a basefare of $228 per passenger return.

GridVirt VPS

Some time ago I wrote about US VPS hosting where the initial provider did not work out and we moved to another that seemed much better. That newer host was ticking along fine until we receive that email saying that everything on the server had been lost and that they hoped we had our own backups. We had actually been paying that provider for additional off-site backups but it took almost another day to receive confirmation that they had found them and an overnight to restore the backups.

Regal Hotel Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong

We stayed at the Regal Hotel at Hong Kong airport back in 2010 for a couple of nights and thought that the 24-hour stay  blocks they offer from when you check in to be a terrific idea. Back then we arrived in Hong Kong earlier in the morning and were able to proceed straight to the hotel reception where we checked in without a problem and the room was large and comfortable with a great outlook over the airport. The train between the airport and Kowloon or Hong Kong Island is very convenient between the airport and these locations.


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